How to do wavy brows?

How to do wavy brows?

The new world of wavy brows

Trend of wavy brows

Enhancement of Beauty of a face lies in having beautiful eyes and perfectly set eyebrows. Beautiful eyebrows mean beautiful face. What, if you have beautiful eyes and beautiful eyelashes but not so beautiful eyebrows? If you have uni-brows, you can fix it by plucking, shaving or waxing. Even after correcting it if you want to increase the look of your eyebrows. No worries, the world of cosmetics has a solution for it, i.e., Wavy brows. But the question is how to do Wavy brows? It can be answered in many ways. From cosmetics to plucking or designing of your present eyebrows. It has become a trend on social media sites. Many people are trying these wavy brows. Few people are using cosmetics, and few people are using their present eyebrows to shape them. The trend may not last for long, but it has some fan following for sure. Hardly few celebrities have tried this. So before proceeding with wavy brows do your research.

Types of wavy brows

There are two major types in them. One is temporary, and another one is semi-permanent. Temporary is nothing but makeup. You use your foundations, makeup brush, marker, etc. to give a wavy look to your eyebrows. Some people prefer pointed waves. Some people prefer zigzag waves. Many people prefer smooth waves. Thicker at the nose and thinner at the end. Like a snake. Another type is semi-permanent. Here you need to grow your eyebrows completely, then design your eyebrows with laser removing treatment or tweezer plucking treatment. Once the eyebrow hair grows back, you need to repeat the step.

how to do wavy brows

How long one can do wavy brows?

It is up to you. But it is better to do on occasions. Regular wavy brow will not have a greater impact. Even sometimes it becomes difficult to understand your emotions on your face. It is because of the wavy brows fake expression. The wavy brow trend is not a big one. Do them as long as you can, irrespective of the trend. But you should be careful, as it may not suit your face.

Can you do them with fake eyebrows?

 It is not good to wear fake eyebrows. Because without proper makeup highlight. Your eyebrows may look like they are swollen. Some people use fake wavy eyebrows after completely removing their natural eyebrows. If you sure the look will have a good impact, then go for it.

What to do when the wavy design does not look good?

If the design is not good, then redesign it. Use makeup tools to give the proper finish. If your wavy brow is too thick or thin use bordering with foundation and blending crème. If your present eyebrow hairs are not allowing you to get that look, then use makeup adhesives. They will hide your hairs on your eyebrows. Follow the online tutorials of how to do Wavy brows? You better consider using some base color before proceeding. With plucking method, you can get the good wavy design.

How to do Wavy brows properly?

It is a very important question. The process is very simple. Clean and dry your eye area and pat dry your eyebrows. Then follow the steps carefully

  1. Apply the foundation on all your face. It is better to choose a best possible color for your face.
  2. If you wished to do wavy design directly on the brows, you could do it. But it is better to do the trick of photoshopping to get better and perfect results.
  3. First download photoshopping tool on your device. There are a lot of apps which relate to makeup.
  4. Take a picture of yourself with better quality. The angle of the photo should be a good Side angles are better to give the wavy shape. So take two photos of your face. It should be faced at an angle of 30 degrees to 60 degrees.
  5. Then open the app and select your image from it.
  6. In the edit option select resize option.
  7. Then zoom into the eyebrow area. If you want to crop it, then crop it. But you need to select whole eye and eyebrow area for better understanding. You can work with it Without the crop.
  8. Then start your design. Some app allows swiping options. Just place your finger on the eyebrow near nose side. Swipe your finger down till you get the first Then keep on doing this down the brow until the end. If you need to tweak, then you can tweak it by different tools in-app. Like a pencil, highlighter et.
  9. After getting wave shape on the upper side, do the same on the lower side to get better and soft wave design.
  10. Repeat the steps for another eyebrow as well.
  11. Then zoom out and check the look.
  12. Save the resize and editing of your eyebrow waving.
  13. Take the print on a sticker paper and proceed to make up.
  14. Cut the sticker and paste it on your eyebrows. Then apply foundation on the parts which have hair and skin. Use powder and other makeup tools to blend the skin and brow.
  15. Next step is to remove the sticker and fill the free space with black color. The pencil would be good. Then again blend and border the area properly
  16. Use some moisturizing spray or normal makeup to cover any traces of unevenness.
  17. Then repeat with another side
  18. Then check your whole face in the mirror. If the design needs a bit of fixing, then just do it with pencil and makeup.


Every woman wants to look good. If by taking the very micro risk if they can get a beautiful face. Then they will definitely go for it. Many of the celebrities from all over the world use cosmetics for beauty enhancement. This tip is helpful in answering the question how to do Wavy brows? Few of them chooses for semi-permanent options as well. However, they need to use methods. This trend may not last for long, but enjoy when it is trending.